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Willows Edge Holsteins Dispersal Sale Report

The Willows Edge Holstein Dispersal was held Saturday, March 18th in New Richmond, Wisconsin.  All the prices of the cattle that went through the sale and the catalog can be found at or HERE.

The sale average was $3,166 on 175  live lots.  
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Here are a few highlights of what sold:

Mink is and was the high seller of the sale at $37,500.

The Unanimous All-American Winter Calf 2015 and Nominated All-American Winter Yearling 2016 Willows-Edge Real Mink-Red is FRESH and looks great! 

Willows-Edge GD Jasmine sold for $8,100
Golden Dreams x EX-93 EEEEE Sanchez x Valleyville Lheros Jenn EX-94-CAN 12*

FANCY Golden Dreams granddaughter of the All-American & ALl-Canadian Sr. 3-Yr-Old 2008 Lheros Jenn! The Sanchez dam of Jasmine was Grand Champion Midwest Fall Nat'l Jr. Show 2013 and 2nd Sr. 2-Yr-Old Midwest Fall Nat'l Open Show 2013!

Lot 30 $9000 

Lot 24 $7,500 Airlift Fallon

Lot 23 $7,500

Lot 157 Dundee Impulse $7,400

Stranshome Perses Akayla *RC VG-87-2YR sold for $6,900

Perseus x Lake-Prairie Kite Anika EX-90

Akayla is due on April 23, 2017 and looks better than EVER!

Akayla is the maternal sister to:
Stranshome Gold Annice VG-88-2YR 
- All-American Fall Yearling 2015
- Res. Jr. Champion International Holstein Show 2015
- All-American & All-Canadian Fall Calf 2014

Ms Stranshome Alltheway-Red EX-90
- Grand Champion, MD State Fair R&W 2016
- Res. Senior & Res. Grand Champion International R&W Show 2015!

Lot 136 $6,800 Kat-Red

Lot 1 Frosting $6,100

Lot 132 Louisa $5,700

Breezer fresh again sold for $5,700

MDF Goldwyn Breezer 40 EX-91 is fresh again! Breezer is the Goldwyn sister to Rainyridge TALENT BARBARA EX-95

- HM All-American Aged Cow 2011
- Unanimous All-American 5-Yr-Old 2010
- Unanimous All-Canadian 5-Yr-Old 2010
- Nom. All-American Jr. 3-Yr-Old 2008
- Nom. All-Canadian Jr. 3-Yr-Old 2008

Lot 52 Maybell $5,050

Lot 155 Illume $5,000

Lot 7 Frasia $5,000



Lot 144 Willows-Edge BW Pipes-Red sold for $2,450
(Barbwire x GP-83-2YR Armani x VG-86 Mesabi x VG-86 Durham)
Pipes her granddam, Pip-Red was Res. All-Wisconsin Fall Yearling 2013!


Lot 55 Willows-Edge Rainy Marlene sold for $2,200
(Rainy x VG-2YR Atwood x VG-86 Sid x EX-94 2E Advent x Stair Maiden EX-93)
The Advent is Res. Jr. All-American 4-Yr-Old Malika followed by the Res. Jr. All-American 5-Yr-Old Star Maiden!



Willows-Edge Ab Martini VG-88 sold for $3,850
(Absolute x VG-88 Rampage x EX-93 Durham x Willows-Edge Star Maiden EX-93)

From our homebred Star Maiden cowfamily sell one of the featured cows in the video we posted last week. Martini VG-88. Martini is a Red Carrier as well!


Willows-Edge Ab Taco-Red VG-88 sold for $3,400
(Absolute x EX-91 Talent)



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