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Tennessee Spring Spectacular Sale Report
The Tennessee Spring Spectacular Sale was held March 18th  in Lebanon, at the Wilson County Fairgrounds.  A complete list of prices of the cattle that sold can be found HERE.
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Here are a few highlights:

The high seller of the day was Lot 9 Rocky-Top Goldwyn Velma $6,300.

 Lot 18 OCD ABS Tory-Red-ET fresh in December $4,750

Lot 5 Beatyview Diamondback Darla Fall calf $4,500

Lot 1 Stunning Awe Alyssa-Red-ET a summer yearling, $4,100

Lot 55 Beatyview Rliner Robyn-Red a summer yearling, $3,700

Lot 13 Yard-O-Ute Ma Gemini-Red-ET , bred heifer due to Prodigy in July $3,400

Lot 57 Oneeda Defiant Jamie-Red Due in June to Rager, $3,100

Lot 16 Milksource Defint Taylor-Red Fresh two year old, $3,050 

CLICK HERE for videos of lots 1, 5. 9 and 13 
Lot 35 


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