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Dean Foods Invests in Plant-Based Beverage Company
Good Karma Foods, a plant-based food and beverage company has a new shareholder in Dean Foods Company.
According the CEO Ralph Scozzafava, diversification to higher-growth and on trend products was a key focus for Dean Foods. 
Good Karma Foods CEO Doug Radi says the partnership will  make their flax-based non-dairy beverages and yogurts more accessible throughtout the U.S. and will help them support families looking for milk alternatives. According to reports,  Radi said, “We are thrilled about our continued partnership with the Dean Foods team. We believe this relationship validates that Good Karma is one of the leading and fastest-growing brands to watch in the plant-based category, and we are excited about how this partnership will advance our mission of inspiring goodness by making our plant-based, non-dairy beverages and yogurts more accessible across the U.S.”
Dean Foods had previously owned WhiteWave, an organic and plant-based food company but sold it to Danone in 2016. 
The business move made by Dean Foods is in the midst of the dairy crisis where  they are expected to close several milk processing plants in seven states by the end of 2018. 
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Old Timer
July, 11 2018
I have heard that the main reason the milk processors association has not came out strongly opposing the use of the word "Milk" on non dairy drinks is because of Dean's opposition, so this article tells us why Dean wants to try and convince consumers that Milk can come from a tree?