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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Past Champions
The quality of cattle at the World Dairy Expo continues to improve. How would some of the past champions compare with the cattle exhibited at last weeks show?

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Ron Flatness
October, 19 2018
Taking a closer look... there were several winners with high records.The 5 year old winner, Co-Vale Demsy Dina EX(95)and Hon. Ment Grand...last year Grand at the Royal... had a high record of 38,401m 1549F 1252P Congratulations to her Breeder and Owners. Her Breeder Brad Cates, NY is a customer of mine. He sold her as a 4-H calf. He said nice heifer but when she calved with that marvelous udder...greatness began !
Ron Flatness
October, 18 2018
Yes the cows of today would win over those of the past just look at that 1987 video when Charity was Grand and they seem... a lot higher producing. However quick tell me which of the winners this year had a record over 40,000 lbs milk?
October, 15 2018
First I would totally agree that in all the breeds, the quality from the first class to the last today is so, so much deeper than it ever was in years gone by. And, I would also agree with John that udders today are higher, wider, and much nicer than cows of the past. However, I would not go as far as to say that today cows would easily defeat those of the past. When taking into consideration true dairy strength, cows that had width beginning at the muzzle, back through the chest and carried to wide box car rumps many of the cows of the past would likely come out on top. Cows of the past normally were better foot and legged cows often times due to being on pasture, or at least out with the rest of the herd and getting more exercise and not just box stall beauties. Also keep in mind, cows of the past didn't appear to have the udders of cows today but they were not over bagged and filled nearly as full either. All interesting facts to consider.
October, 12 2018
Certainly the great ones stood out in their time but I think as a rule cows today have much better udders. I think today's winners would beat the great ones of yesteryear but the real big difference is down the class. Cows standing toward the bottom of classes at Expo are still tremendous cows today.
ray adams
October, 11 2018
Charity-Felisa May- Hagen Cindy -Kandy if today they would still look for the blue
October, 11 2018
What would we have if we took todays judges and had them place the classes 30 years ago? Before embryo transplants, lab sex, sexed semen, you had a bigger spread in appearance in classes; today a class could be all full sisters! Todays cows, on average, are too weak in the front ends, and inefficiently too tall.
Tony Whitehead
October, 8 2018
I think the great ones can stand the test of time. Snickerdoodle, veronica, charity, tony beauty, there are others. I think the more interesting question is what if these cows were there xx? years ago. Drop those 2 jr3 yr old holsteins in a class back when. Wow I liked those 2 cows.