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Dairy Markets Betting on Change

A cooperative leader says reaction to this week elections has been factoring into dairy markets.

“The probability of Congress flipping was out there, I think a lot of farmers were not surprised.  We’re anxious to see what they do now.”

EDGE Dairy Cooperative executive director Tim Trotter tells Brownfield the make up of the House Ag Committee hasn’t changed much which is encouraging when it comes to getting a farm bill passed.  “There’s a lot of pain in dairy right now so we really need to see action.  Our organization along with dairy farmers, we’re not going to stand here silently, we’re going to demand that there be some action.”

Trotter says their priorities now turn to the passing the farm bill in the lame duck session and resolving market access issues for dairy farmers.

EDGE Dairy Cooperative is the fourth largest dairy co-op in the nation.

--Brownfield AgNews 
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