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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: rBST
Over the last several years, many milk processors have stopped accepting milk from dairy producers using rBST in their herd. If you are one of those producers, what changes, not counting a drop in production, did you experience in your herd after stopping rBST usage and if your processor would again accept milk from herds using rBST, would you use it?
Reader Comments
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Ron Flatness
March, 15 2019
I also think BST was a good product,does not effect a cows longevity...kept some alive as a matter of fact. All cows milk has hormones in it. There is no way to test for it except product lying around. On the other hand I'm not against Oxytocin... the poor mans BST, but no one complains about it, is just as addictive and must be used every milking rather than every weeek or so.
March, 13 2019
It bothers me that reason dairyman don't have a choice. It was all fear based marketing and drive for a "Clean Label" It was a great tool. Just like 3x milking, if you don't know how to manage it, it can be a train wreck.
March, 11 2019
Its been banned by our processor for many years. I still think its a great product for that dry too long cow. It kick started her system when she calved. If the BST would have been controlled by our veterinarians instead of Monsanto creating negative press with its marketing domination, I think it would have been publicly accepted. It is/was a tool, not a prodical.
March, 11 2019
We quit using rBst years ago because of the request (demand) of our processor. It took quite a while to recover the production lost and we really never had seen any negative effects upon our cattle, just increased production. In a world with too much milk it is simply not a good idea. Especially with consumer preference even though this fear is based upon misinformation.