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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Supply Management
National Farmer Organization (NFO) has introduced a supply management program pressing for a national, two-tiered milk pricing plan that would pay dairy farmers a $4 premium on their first one million pounds of milk each month, and a lower price for any production more than that.
Will this program work any better than previous attempts at supply management such as the Milk Diversion Program, Herd Buyout Program or the Cooperative Working Together program?
Reader Comments
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May, 13 2019
It's DOA,IMHO. You'd never get legislation through congress that helps a 500 cow dairy. I know that's a small herd today, but not to non dairy folks.
Tony Whitehead
May, 13 2019
N0! 1. NFO is pushing for it. That's 2 strikes there. 2. We are too far down the road to ever reign this thing in. Big boy's run the supply now. 3. The guerrilla cant exist with better milk prices. It is a processing company now, not a marketing coop. 4. The guerrilla runs nmpf. Nothing leaves Washington without the anointing of that brain trust. Get used to it folks it ain't gettin any better.