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Brown Swiss Selects National Youth Production & Cheese Yield Winners

Beloit, Wis --- The Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders’ Association has selected the District winners in the National Youth Production & Cheese Yield Contest. 10 youth competed in this year’s production contest and 12 in the cheese yield contest. The production contest recognizes individuals whose cow reaches the highest deviation from herdmates within a 305-day period. The cheese yield contest honors the junior members whose cows produce the highest cheese yield during a 30-day period. This program emphasizes the fact that Brown Swiss milk is ideal for cheese-making due to its high protein content and fat-to-protein ratio.

The District 1 Production winner was Ashton Giesy of Trumansburg, NY with her cow, On-A-Whim Cadence Pauline ET. Ashton is the daughter Jay & Sarah Giesy. Pauline is classified ‘VG86’ and produced 19,434 lbs of milk, 689 lbs of fat, and 614 lbs of protein during a 305-day period.

Austin Heilinger of Lebanon, PA won District 2 in both the production & cheese yield contest with his cow, CIE Heilinger Torch Riddle. Austin is the 17-year-old son of Bruce and Laura Heilinger. Riddle is currently scored ‘VG87’ and produced 24,922 pounds of milk, 1,161 pounds of fat, and 945 pounds of protein this lactation which creates a cheese yield of 365.12 pounds.

The District 3 Production winner was Sarah Lehner of Delaware, OH with Dott-R Manchester Fannie. Sarah is the 19-year-old daughter of Earl and Beth Lehner. Fannie produced 19,156 lbs of milk, 991 lbs of fat, and 676 lbs of protein and is classified ‘VG87’.

The District 3 Cheese Yield winner was Lauren Almasy of Hubbard, OH with her cow MSF Annabelle Lynne. Lynne is classified ‘GP84’ and produced 85 lbs of milk/day, 4.9% fat, and 3.7% protein for a cheese yield of 306.83.

Dalton Freeman of Bremen, IN is the Overall National & District 4 winner of both the Production and Cheese Yield contest with his cow, Nor-Bert Bush Zuri. Zuri is classified ‘VG86’ and produced 39,829 pounds of milk, 2,173 pounds of fat, and 1,432 pounds of protein which creates a cheese yield of 568.81 pounds.

The District 5 Cheese Yield winner is Tiona Tulachka of Kewaunee, WI with her cow Double T Tanbark Xenia. Xenia is classified ‘VG 87’ and produced 166 lbs of milk/day, 5.1% fat, and 3.4% protein and that calculates to 549.92 lbs of cheese and an ECM record of 51,475 lbs of milk.

The District 6 Production and Cheese Yield winner was Blake Schutte of Monona, IA with Jo-Lane Cartel Vspencer. Blake is the 11-year-son of Lance and Jonna Schutte. Vspencer produced 32,214 lbs of milk, 1,317 lbs of fat, and 1,067 lbs of protein this lactation and is classified ‘VG85’ and made 387.94 lbs of cheese.

Bethany Bauer of Hayfield, MN won District 7 in both Production and Cheese Yield with her cow, Olsons Bro Mon Mesa. Bethany is the 18-year-old daughter of Tony & Paula Bauer. Mesa is classified ‘VG86’ and produced 24,911 pounds of milk, 1,139 pounds of fat, and 883 pounds of protein in a 305-day period and made 326.50 pounds of cheese.

The District 9 Cheese Yield winner is Abbie Mulligan of California with TopdiMark Goldwyn Kelly. Kelly is classified ‘VG 86’ and produced 71 lbs of milk/day, 3.8% fat, and 3.4% protein which makes a cheese yield of 223.62 lbs of cheese.