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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Cloning
Years ago when the technology of cloning became commercially available to the dairy industry , some believed it would lead to barns full of EX-95 cows and show rings full of copies of the great show cows of the time. History has shown that was not quite the case.

What technology that appeared to show promise in the dairy industry did you use with less than expected results?
Reader Comments
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Ronald Flatness
June, 26 2019
Unfortunately cloning is still around and used a lot by some companies. It used to be illegal to sell semen from clones and milk and beef from cloned cows. Why the change? Cloning was no different from a identical twins and not as good since it is not carried to term by the same mother. We have also seen big differences from identical twins as well.
Tony Whitehead
June, 25 2019
Oldster what's the problem? Academia exists to keep us in the dark. They are smart. Revel in their brilliant light. Those who can do. Those who can't turn the lights out.
June, 24 2019
I hope shutting your lights off for hours at a time worked better for you than it did for me.
Truth be said
June, 24 2019
Maybe more truth to the line of "dont mess with mother nature" than what we realized ? Makes you wonder.
June, 24 2019
I bought into a clone of a big time show cow, the clone scored 78 pts. as a 2 yr old, enough said!
June, 24 2019
We used rBST, we had more milk, but it seemed we had a lot more feet and leg problems.