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More Hoosier Dairy Producers Interested in On-Farm Processing

The director of the dairy division at the Indiana Board of Animal Health says more dairy farmers are interested in on-farm processing.

“As dairies have become farther apart and the hauling fees are going up, a lot of people are interested in this and looking for ways to stay in an industry that their families have been part of for generations,” he says.

Patrick Hash says loss of market and higher costs play a big role in that decision.

“So if they’re able to do on-farm processing where they start to make that product there on the farm, then they control the market and can bring in family members,” he says.

He says all facilities, regardless of size and capacity, receive the same level of inspection.

“On-farm processing is held to the same standards as your larger fluid milk plants,” he says. “Those are inspected quarterly, and we would pull monthly samples. It’s held to the exact same high standards any other dairy product would be.”

Hash spoke to Brownfield at the recent Indiana Board of Animal Health meeting in Indianapolis.  

--Brownfield AgNews