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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Observations of this years World Dairy Expo
With the 2019 World Dairy Expo complete. What were some of your observations or opinions of this years Expo?
Reader Comments
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October, 11 2019
Seen lots of sick cattle in Barn # 1,what was that all about?
Just saying
October, 11 2019
Those that complain about a judge's comments or speech are just wishing it was themselves that were out there. I personally think it's the best part of the event. It's their chance to speak from the heart. Kudos to the brown swiss judge one of the best I've heard in a long time. The one thing I think should change is the way the classes are placed. We should take the lead from other species like sheep and beef judges and start from the bottom of the class and work backwards. It would create much more suspense and make the class winners work harder for that blue ribbon. After the first five or six are pulled I go back to the barn and don't watch the rest of the class. Make those winners work a little harder.
Tony Whitehead
October, 10 2019
Kids have told me to be nice on here because of the sale. I watched some parts of all the shows from my office. If I could pick a cow it would have been the Ayrshire . Guernsey close behind. Reserve Holstein and Swiss next. Impossible to judge a show on your phone or laptop. That's why its dangerous to breed cows from the office.
Pennsylvania Dairyman
October, 10 2019
For whoever is against the judge sharing his speech relax a little. For someone working as hard as they do, they deserve to talk for a little bit. It helps build up the anticipation for who will be named champion. And same goes for the circling of the animals, builds the anticipation. So whenever you judge Madison, you do what you wish but I enjoy the stories from the judges. It’s just part of the experience of Expo.
holstein breeder
October, 10 2019
For years I thought it was just me but I guess maybe not now. The speeches and the drama. Get on with it. I get that it is a moment in the sun and a few words of thanks to a few special people that helped you get there is okay. If you cant say it in three minutes forget it. (you can say a LOT in 3 minutes). Even more over the top is when they go out and wander around in circles before they tap the champion. Whoever started that should be banished from judging forever. Now it is standard. WDE expo controls everything else why not that? As far as my favorite cow show of the year, the Holstein judges get an A for effort. The heifer show and cow show thru intermediate champion is comparable to expos best years. I think the mature cows are off just a tick (after the 3 yr olds) Champion is a fine cow. Perhaps not quite the caliber of past champions which may be a reflection of the Holstein not being supreme or reserve for first time in my memory.
Jared Major & Family
October, 9 2019
To judge a show of that caliber is an honor and may only happen once in a lifetime. I think the judges have the right to thank those people who have been influential and helped get them to where they are today. Although we weren't able to be there in person, we appreciated the updates from Melissa and the Dairy Agenda Team, as well as the live feed so we could watch from home.
Loved Expo
October, 9 2019
I loved every minute I was there. Great cows and great trade show. I agree about the judges speeches. Limit it to a couple of minutes, MAX. The swiss and holstein judge were over the top out of line. Nobody is there to hear their life story. Just tell us who is champion.
Milk loving mom
October, 9 2019
I agree about the warm milk from the grilled cheese stand. How are we supposed to increase consumption when leaders in our industry serve a zillion cartons of very warm milk. My seven year old took one drink and said, "YUK", tastes like milk at school. He is well on his way to being a life long hater of milk. Thanks Badger Dairy Club.
Retired Dairyman
October, 9 2019
I love the WI Badger Club grilled cheese sandwiches. I had four and was only there one day. I bought a carton of milk with each sandwich, AND WAS APPALLED EACH TIME AT THE TEMPERATURE OF THE MILK. All four were extremely warm, but two seemed warmer than room temperature. It is a proven fact. If you want to make someone never drink milk again, serve them a glass that is warm. Shame on who ever is in charge.
October, 9 2019
Politics are alive and well!
Michigan Daryman
October, 9 2019
I looked at the mixers and manure equipment a lot and watched the Holsteins show for a couple hours to get off my feet. I left after the judge talked about himself for a long time and wondered why the audience liked that. Someone told me day before it was really bad how long it went on. I also bought a cow painting that I liked.