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IL Milk Producers Association Focused on Education and Labeling

Consumer education and labeling laws are top priorities for the Illinois Milk Producers Association this year. 


Manager Tasha Bunting tells Brownfield many dairy farmers have been forced out of business the last few years.


“The dairy farmers that are still remaining in operation are really wanting to let consumers know how things are really happening on the farm, not sugar coating anything, but letting people see the real side of dairy farming.”


She says to meet that request, IMPA has created a new website where they will feature dairy farmers telling their stories.


Bunting says they will also be working with other ag groups on the labeling of milk, meat and dairy products.


“A lot of news had been surrounding some of those alternative products and what we are really wanting to establish is what the true identity of those products are and ensuring that consumers really know what they are purchasing.”


She says they are working with the National Milk Producers Association to inform legislators and get the Dairy Pride Act passed, which would give agencies the authority to enforce labeling laws.