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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Cookies and Milk
One of the latest marketing innovations is a planned cookie-marketing strategy that couples cookies and milk in one package that you can eat in the car. You can put the milk in the cup holder and dip the cookie. It may or may not be successful, but any attempt to increase milk consumption is worth a try.

What ideas do you have that would be an innovative way to increase milk consumption?

Reader Comments
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Ronald Flatness
February, 20 2020
Elsewhere on this site you quote the Penn State study using hormone implants on Holstein steers. First... most of the high quality and expensive Omaha steaks come from Holstein steers.The study goes on to say Hormone implant are used on most beef steers.I know if you read to the bottom this is OK and everyting has hornmones including vegetables. HOWEVER..this story pulled out of context... makes the CRAZY PETA and Animal Rights people go even more Insane!
It Has Not Worked
February, 18 2020
We dairy farmers have poured MILLIONS of dollars into research and promotion through our checkoff dollars to increase consumption. I'm not a financial genius, but it doesn't look like that has been a good investment. Time to try something, anything, different.
February, 18 2020
In my years of showing Holsteins I learned about something called "eye appeal". An animal that quickly catches the judge's eye has a shot at being selected for the top of the class. Milk is in containers that have no eye appeal! We have been putting our product in the same old dull jugs for years. Take a look at the "fake milk" containers. They are colorful, have pretty pictures of flowers, etc. Which container catches the eye of the consumer first? A jug of milk is usually something that is picked up quickly by shoppers. They seldom read labels. We need to give our product "eye appeal" and make them want to grab our product first!
February, 17 2020
I'm just a dairyman, not a food scientist, but every time I go to the grocery store and look at the milk case, the Fairlife brand milk is priced at least twice the price of 'regular' milk. They tell me it flies off the shelf, why can't we (the rest of the dairy industry) process our milk the same way? Comparing labels the Fairlife brand is higher in protein and calcium, lower in sugar and no lactose. Believe me, this is not a commercial for Fairlife, I just ask, 'Why can't the rest of the dairy industry process our milk the same way and capture some of that market?'. It appears to me that would help increase milk consumption.
February, 17 2020
When food companies advertise healthy meals, why dont we advertise milk as part of a healthy meal, right at the check out counter? What good is this "healthy" sandwich if you pair it with soda?
keith in wiltonwi
February, 17 2020
we need to get into the schools with a 10 percent protein whole fat milk.this may be a way that kids get at least one or two servings of anutritious product that they probably will not get at home.furthermore,lets have larger packinging.twenty ounces instead of 16.if it ends up in a sink at home,the product still was sold.other beverages sell with that mindset.shoutout to gordie cook with his marijuana ben and jerrys comment.