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2020 Dairy Agenda Today Spring Fever Online Show Update!

The 2020 Dairy Agenda Today Spring Fever Online show is taking shape and is looking great!

Since all of the spring shows have been cancelled, and the show bug cannot be cured by staring at those potential class winners standing in their stalls, DAT has decided to provide a place for everyone from north to south and east to west and all around the world to exhibit their cattle!

Entries will open soon! You will submit your entries on Dairy Agenda Today!

The judges for this year’s event are Mark Rueth of Oxford, Wisconsin and Tammy Voegeli of Arlington, Wisconsin.

Here are some details:

·         Each entry is required to provide a MP4 video (cell phones are perfect for this) of not more than 1 minute.

·         Videos should not have any advertisement, text, photos, narration or any type of addition is to be made on the video.  

·         Entries will have animal name, DOB and exhibitor name.

·         A full list of classes will be offered from Winter calves to Aged Cows in addition to Dry Cow classes.

·         Entries will open soon with an entry deadline of May 4th.

·         $25/entry

·         Prizes to be determined and this is open to all breeds.

 Sponsorships are coming in and if you would like to be a sponsor of the show, contact one of our sales reps for details!

Stay tuned for more details and examples of how you should format your video!

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