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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:Consolidation
Do you see consolidation of the dairy breed associations offices in the future?
Reader Comments
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Commercial dairyman
July, 3 2020
I have 900 grade jerseys in milk and have some registered Guernseys and registered ayrshrires for 4h projects. I think the Guernsey and Ayrshire asssociations are already working together but still promoting thier breeeds when breeders should be doing that. There was a sale in Ohio with both breeds this spring and the people having the sale promoted the good ones and they sold well. The Ayrshire and Guernsey breeds don't have that ability or any money to do it. A lot of the resistance to consolidation is the office personnel wanting to keep their jobs, which is reasonable, and the officers wanting to keep their offices, which is human nature. Almost all of the full time dairies have Jerseys or Holsteins, with procross in our area.
Tony Whitehead
July, 2 2020
Its inevitable. I hate to see it. Zane Akins banked a ton of money for holstein years ago. First time I was in Brattleboro was in 1984? Parking lot was full. Offices were full. People everywhere. Second time, part of the building was rented out. Third time you could throw a cat through the place and not hit anything. Breed identity/individuality needs to be respected no matter what happens.
Ronald Flatness
July, 2 2020
It has already happened.The only one making money is the US Holstein Assoc. Then only because the have a great CEO. Before him they also lost money EVERY year!
July, 2 2020
It will NEED to happen in the next few years, maybe sooner. And I have sat on a board in the past. I know there will be pushback because all breeds say their breed is the best.
June, 29 2020
Registered breeder
June, 29 2020
I don't see how breed associations can have enough numbers to continue even as a show ring group. Also your Cows and markets story is the very first one I've seen about the beyond meat burger being stopped at Mcdonalds. This was in the news just yesterday.
National board member
June, 29 2020
Yes in the future breeds will consolidate or at the minimum share staff and resources. We will have to do it to remain viable. Things are changing whether we like it or not. RIP Ron