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Southern National in Stillwater...Let's Take a Tour
All tanbark trails lead to Stillwater, Oklahoma this week as the Southern National Holstein and Jersey shows are on tap at the Payne County Fairgrounds. The Junior show is Thursday at 8 am and the open shows are Saturday at 8 am.  The Oklahoma State Sale is set for Friday at NOON and you can find the online catalog HERE. 
Here is a look around the barns in Stillwater.

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So Nat candids-0006

So Nat candids-0007

So Nat candids-0008

So Nat candids-0009

So Nat candids-0010

So Nat candids-0011

So Nat candids-0012

So Nat candids-0013

So Nat candids-0014

So Nat candids-0016

So Nat candids-0017

So Nat candids-0019

So Nat candids-0020

So Nat candids-0021

So Nat candids-0023

So Nat candids-0024

So Nat candids-0026

So Nat candids-0028

So Nat candids-0029

So Nat candids-0030

So Nat candids-0031

So Nat candids-0032

So Nat candids-0033

So Nat candids-0037

So Nat candids-0038

So Nat candids-0039

So Nat candids-0041

So Nat candids-0042

So Nat candids-0044

So Nat candids-0045

So Nat candids-0048

So Nat candids-0049

So Nat candids-0051

So Nat candids-0054

So Nat candids-0055

So Nat candids-0056

So Nat candids-0058

So Nat candids-0059

So Nat candids-0061

So Nat candids-0062

So Nat candids-0063

So Nat candids-0064

So Nat candids-0065

So Nat candids-0066

So Nat candids-0067

So Nat candids-0068

So Nat candids-0069

So Nat candids-0070

So Nat candids-0072

So Nat candids-0073

So Nat candids-0074 
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