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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:Youth Program?
Providing opportunities for youth to get involved in the dairy industry is important. Minnesota Brown Swiss breeders offer a program that enables 4-Her's to 'lease' a heifer for those 4-Her's that may not have the resources or facilities. Heifers stay on the breeders farm and the 4-Her provides the time and responsibility to care for, train and show the heifer.
University of Missouri Extension recently held their annual 4-H Dairy Cow Camp to educate youth to become dairy leaders.

What youth program is offered in your state or region?
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July, 27 2021
The Minnesota 4-H lease program is available for all breeds. Great program to get "non-farm" involved in dairy
Tony Whitehead
July, 26 2021
Let's get something straight from the beginning. ALL Missouri kids have to attend a 'camp' to be able to exhibit any livestock. This is forced on the kids. Just something to make extension realavent? I've judged a few shows. If it is a junior show I sign the back of the check and give it back to them. I'll do whatever I can to help any kid. I recieved several scholarships back in the day. I donate back to them now. What comes around goes around. I think that's just smart business.