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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:Best Time?
Many dairy farmers have a frame of reference during their time in the dairy industry which they consider 'Their best time in the dairy industry'.

What 3 to 5 year period was your 'best time in the dairy industry'?  
Reader Comments
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September, 15 2021
In the good ol days my options were limited-fork or shovel. Capital investment allows for better options and opportunities.
Just Sayin
September, 15 2021
You must be confused, BSG, this is a place where we lament about how the "good ol' days" are long gone, and there's no opportunity left in the business.
Balance Sheet Guy
September, 14 2021
2014-2019. Investments early in career really started to pay off. Bull sales to AI, elite genomic heifer sales for big$, donor leases, 1000+ replacement females sold, big equity payouts from dairy cooperative. Cash on hand plus balance sheet strength allowed us to purchase several parcels of land which helps during high feed prices. 2020 was good but we didn’t stick our necks out. 2021 we are back to investing profits for future rewards.
Registered Breeder
September, 13 2021
For me it was late 80's early 90's. I made money milking cows and selling Reg. Holsteins.
September, 13 2021
1986 to 1990. Inputs/feed were reasonable, and the embryo market was lucrative. I can probably get my money back on a pickup bought during that time, A 4850 JD FWD too!
September, 13 2021
July 2020. Over $30 a CWT!!!