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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Overhaul Federal Milk Marketing Orders?
Dairy groups across the United States are currently working on proposals to overhaul the Federal Milk Marketing Orders as Congress prepares to write the 2023 farm bill. Changes include eliminating orders that have put Midwestern dairy producers at a significant pricing disadvantage to their counterparts in other areas of the country.  A Milk Check Transparency Report, which is a way for dairy producers to better understand their milk check. Legislation to mandate fairness in milk contracting.

What other proposals to overhaul the Federal Milk Marketing Orders would you like to have added?
Reader Comments
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Just Sayin
May, 9 2022
There are so many things that need addressing. Nearly everyone knows that make allowances need to change, to more closely reflect actual prices. While that might not sound good for dairy producers short term, in the long run, we have to encourage more processing capacity. Also, I have been impressed by ADC's leadership on this. IMHO, National Milk is poisoned by the big coops, so real dairy farmers voices aren't heard, it's just the talking heads from the coops that run National Milk...sad, but true.
Old Timer
May, 9 2022
It has been a while since I was close to Federal Orders but my guess is that the pooling provisions have not changed much? Pooling provisions allow Northern handlers to ship milk to a Southern order and for each load they ship they can pool several loads on that order. This allows the Northern handlers to bank the higher prices of the Southern order and pad their Northern bank accounts. Most of those Northern handlers are Coops that say they will return the benefits of pooling to their members but somehow the profit never makes it to their member/owners mail box. Eliminating pooling provisions it one change that should be made.