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DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:Any Effect?
A2/A2 Milk, Organic Milk, Ultra Filtered Milk, etc. Some in the dairy industry consider these fads, some consider them trends.

Do these or other 'fads or trends', really have any effect on the decisions you make on your dairy?

Reader Comments
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Old Timer
January, 26 2023
Why in the world wouldn't the National Dairy Board fund a research project to see see if there is any value to A2A2??
Tony Whitehead
January, 23 2023
If you are chasing this pipe dream, you are already behind the curve.
Commercial Dairyman
January, 23 2023
I have always focused on profit not production. Unless your marketing your own milk or your coop is paying you a premium for A2/A2, organic, etc., why do it? I don't follow any of the fads or trends. I focus on maximum profit with the pay structure my coop pays.
January, 23 2023
If the customer is king we have to at least consider these options. There is a market for A2A2 and BB milk and why wouldn't you try to meet it if you can? Organic will always be there for a small percentage of people but I don't see it becoming a dominant force in the market.
January, 23 2023
No. The Coops are too lazy to implement them