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Clemson Spring Holstein Show
The Clemson Spring Holstein Show is underway in Clemson, South Carolina. Matt Mitchell of Tennessee is serving as the judge. 
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Best Three Females
1 Gilmore
2 Sifford
3 Sifford
Grand Champion
Rem Rose Crush Rosie, Sierra Tinsley
Reserve Grand Champion
Croaky Pond Doc Rosy, Schaapman Holsteins
Honorable Mention Grand Champion
Mats-Uno War Strawberry-Red, Ella Gilmore
Aged Cow
Aged Cow
1 Rem Rose Crush Rosie, Sierra Tinsley
2 Mats-Uno Kingboy Bananas, Ella Gilmore
3 Ty-D Chili Slice, Austin Yoder
4 Clemson Helix 4524 Eartha, Clemson University Dairy Science Club 
5 Donacin Meridian Hattie, Benjamin Newberry  
Four-Year-Old Cow
4 yr old-24 yr old-34 yr old 
Four-Year-Old Cow
1 Horstein Headliner Ring, Jaylee Bennett 
Senior Three-Year-Old Cow
SR 3 yr old-2SR 3 yr old-3SR 3 yr old-4SR 3 yr old-5SR 3 yr old-6SR 3 yr old-7SR 3 yr old-8SR 3 yr old-9SR 3 yr old-10SR 3 yr old-11SR 3 yr old-12SR 3 yr old-13SR 3 yr old-14SR 3 yr old-15SR 3 yr old-16SR 3 yr old-17SR 3 yr old-18SR 3 yr old-19SR 3 yr old-20SR 3 yr old 
Senior Three-Year-Old Cow
1 Croaky Pond Doc Rosy, Schaapman Holsteins
2 Mossland Drive Stacy, Benjamin Newberry
3 Harvue Flashy Lee, Sedona Sifford
4 R-Vision Crushabull Allie, Nicholas Hammer
5 Ms Mapleslope Seegr Dee-Red, Mikayla Leverette
Junior Three-Year-Old Cow
Junior Three-Year-Old Cow 
1 Crows Nest B Feather-Red, Ryan and Whitney Keith 
2 Griggs-Farm Abby, Jay Moon
Two-Year-Old Cow
2 yr old-89222 yr old-89232 yr old-89262 yr old-89272 yr old-89292 yr old-89312 yr old-89322 yr old-89332 yr old-89352 yr old-89362 yr old-89372 yr old-89382 yr old-8939 
Two-Year-Old Cow
Mats-Uno War Strawberry-Red, Ella Gilmore
2 LiddleHolme Moovin On, Schaapman Holsteins
3 Ms Harretts Drmn Harper-ET, Salem Sifford  

Junior Champion 


Oakfield War Strawberry-Red, Michael McSwain 



Reserve Junior Champion 

 PWW Warrior Cora-Red, McKinley Branch




Honorable Mention Junior Champion 

Maple-Slope Late Bougie-Red, Maggie Harper 


Heifer Project Yearling  Yearling Heifer PRoject-8830Yearling Heifer PRoject-8831Yearling Heifer PRoject-8832Yearling Heifer PRoject-8833Yearling Heifer PRoject-8834Yearling Heifer PRoject-8835Yearling Heifer PRoject-8836 


Heifer Project Yearling 


1 Clemson Ronalds 4752 Fanny, Brooklyn Iseli 


2 Crows-Nest Dreamcone, Brynlee McCarter 


3 Niclo House Willow, Madelyn Bolin 


4 OG Honeybee Helen, Sarah Iseli 


5 DeBaugh Lite Joanna, Gabby Ferguson 
Uncalved Junior 2 Year Old
Unfresh 2 yr old-8795Unfresh 2 yr old-8796Unfresh 2 yr old-8801Unfresh 2 yr old-8803Unfresh 2 yr old-8806Unfresh 2 yr old-8808Unfresh 2 yr old-8809Unfresh 2 yr old-8810Unfresh 2 yr old-8811Unfresh 2 yr old-8812Unfresh 2 yr old-8813Unfresh 2 yr old-8814Unfresh 2 yr old-8815Unfresh 2 yr old-8816Unfresh 2 yr old-8817Unfresh 2 yr old-8818Unfresh 2 yr old-8819Unfresh 2 yr old-8820Unfresh 2 yr old-8821 
Uncalved Junior 2 Year Old
1 Rocky-Top War Beckley-Red, Justin Buhner
2 Oakfield Fishy Echo-ET, Rilen Wright
3 Plessed-Raose Tatoo Dianna, Salem Sifford
4 A-MI-DA-SA Willow, Leah Higginbotham
5 Miss Liz Admiral Ellie, Logan Bolin
Fall Yearling
Fall Yearling-8745Fall Yearling-8746Fall Yearling-8750Fall Yearling-8751Fall Yearling-8753Fall Yearling-8757Fall Yearling-8758Fall Yearling-8759Fall Yearling-8762Fall Yearling-8765Fall Yearling-8766Fall Yearling-8767Fall Yearling-8768Fall Yearling-8770Fall Yearling-8771Fall Yearling-8772Fall Yearling-8773Fall Yearling-8774Fall Yearling-8775Fall Yearling-8776Fall Yearling-8777 
Fall Yearling
1 Crows Nest Rem Freeside-Red, Sierra Tinsley
2 How-We-Roll Warrior Album, Ella Gilmore
3 Plessed-Rose Hanford Leona, Sedona Sifford
4 Ms Wridale Shelby 1993, Riley Wright
5 A-MI-DA-SA Migel Shy, Octavia Bushey
Winter Yearling  
Winter Yearling-8654Winter Yearling-8657Winter Yearling-8660Winter Yearling-8664Winter Yearling-8666Winter Yearling-8671Winter Yearling-8672Winter Yearling-8674Winter Yearling-8680Winter Yearling-8681Winter Yearling-8682Winter Yearling-8686Winter Yearling-8690Winter Yearling-8691Winter Yearling-8693Winter Yearling-8694Winter Yearling-8695Winter Yearling-8696Winter Yearling-8697Winter Yearling-8698Winter Yearling-8699Winter Yearling-8700Winter Yearling-8701 
Winter Yearling
1 PWW Warrior Cora-Red, McKinley Branch
2 Pamprd-Acres W Merry-Red-ET, Michael Bushey
3 Kings-Ransom L Sybil-Red-ET, Timothy Nelis
4 Ms Maple Slope AVNT Days-Red, Benjamin Newberry
5 Clabber-Man War Chili-Red, Madeline Branch
Heifer Project Calf
Project heifer-8632Project heifer-8634Project heifer-8636Project heifer-8639Project heifer-8641Project heifer-8642 
Heifer Project Calf
1 Niclo Contender Emm, Madelyn Bolin
2 Clemson Tropic 4023 Oriana, Logan Bolin
3 DeBaugh Bytheway Cora, Gabby Ferguson
Spring Yearling  
Spring Yearling-8507Spring Yearling-8509Spring Yearling-8513Spring Yearling-8516Spring Yearling-8519Spring Yearling-8520Spring Yearling-8522Spring Yearling-8524Spring Yearling-8528Spring Yearling-8529Spring Yearling-8531Spring Yearling-8532Spring Yearling-8533Spring Yearling-8535Spring Yearling-8536Spring Yearling-8538Spring Yearling-8539Spring Yearling-8544Spring Yearling-8545Spring Yearling-8546Spring Yearling-8551Spring Yearling-8552Spring Yearling-8555Spring Yearling-8556Spring Yearling-8557Spring Yearling-8558Spring Yearling-8559Spring Yearling-8560Spring Yearling-8561Spring Yearling-8562Spring Yearling-8563Spring Yearling-8564Spring Yearling-8565Spring Yearling-8566Spring Yearling-8567 

Spring Yearling
1 Maple-Slope Late Bougie-Red, Maggie Harper
2 Mats-Uno War Cheyenne RC, Ella Gilmore
3 Holly, Tucker Guest
4 Witching Hour Warrior Ruba, John Brown II
5 Ms Maple Unstpl Day 2-Red-ET, Lauren Newberry  
Summer Heifer 
Summer Calf-8466Summer Calf-8467Summer Calf-8468Summer Calf-8469Summer Calf-8471Summer Calf-8474Summer Calf-8477Summer Calf-8479Summer Calf-8482Summer Calf-8483Summer Calf-8484Summer Calf-8486Summer Calf-8487Summer Calf-8488Summer Calf-8490Summer Calf-8491Summer Calf-8492 
Summer Heifer
1 Clabb-Mtn Altitude Maple, McKinley Branch
2 Bapsi-Ana St Calm-TW, Lauren Newberry
3 Maple-Slope Doral Beaty-Red, Kennedy Pickett
4 OCD Mistic Balance,
5 Lunar Marble Ruby-Red, Jay Moon
Fall Heifer Calf

Fall calves -8359Fall calves -8360Fall calves -8363Fall calves -8364Fall calves -8367Fall calves -8370Fall calves -8373Fall calves -8375Fall calves -8378Fall calves -8379Fall calves -8381Fall calves -8383Fall calves -8384Fall calves -8385Fall calves -8387Fall calves -8388Fall calves -8391Fall calves -8393Fall calves -8396Fall calves -8398Fall calves -8399Fall calves -8400Fall calves -8401Fall calves -8403Fall calves -8404Fall calves -8405Fall calves -8406Fall calves -8407Fall calves -8408Fall calves -8409 
Fall Heifer Calf  
1 Oakfield War Strawberry-Red, Michael McSwain
2 Ms Dempseys Embrace, Ella Gilmore
3 Plessed-Rose Aftshk Fashion, Salem Sifford
4 Clabber-Mt War Juniper-Red, Madeline Branch 
5 Plessed-Rose A Limitless, Sedona Sifford