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Clemson Spring Guernsey Show
The Clemson Spring Guernsey Show is underway in Clemson, South Carolina. Lynn Harbaugh of Wisconsin is serving as the judge. 
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Grand Champion
Springhill Mentor January, Hobbs Lutz
Reserve Grand Champion
Knapps Drone Queen Bee-ETV, Hobbs Lutz
Honorable Mention Grand Champion
Kellys Boman Laverne, Charlie Kelly
Aged Cow
G-Aged Cow-1G-Aged Cow-2 
Aged Cow
1 Walnut Ridge Jackpot Starlet, Hobbs Lutz
Four-Year-Old Cow
Four-Year-Old Cow
1 Springhill Mentor January, Hobbs Lutz
Two-Year-Old Cow
Two-Year-Old Cow
1 Knapps Drone Queen Bee-ETV, Hobbs Lutz
2 Kellys Boman Laverne, Charlie Kelly
3 Rocky Branch Ladies Man Raelyn, Jody Hamm
 Junior Champion


MM Petite Eve, Hobbs Lutz, Michael Heath, and Kelly Barbee

 G-Junior Champions-6G-Junior Champions-15


Reserve Junior Champion


Springhill DJ Feliz-ETV, Hobbs Lutz 

 G-Junior Champions-8G-Junior Champions-9


Honorable Mention Junior Champion 


Twin County A Pie Tulip-ET, Reagan Tompkins

G-Junior Champions-4G-Junior Champions-1G-Junior Champions-2G-Junior Champions-3G-Junior Champions-7G-Junior Champions-10G-Junior Champions-11G-Junior Champions-12

Fall Yearling 

 G-Fall YearlingG-Fall Yearling-2G-Fall Yearling-3G-Fall Yearling-4G-Fall Yearling-5G-Fall Yearling-6G-Fall Yearling-7G-Fall Yearling-8G-Fall Yearling-9G-Fall Yearling-10G-Fall Yearling-11G-Fall Yearling-12G-Fall Yearling-13G-Fall Yearling-14G-Fall Yearling-15G-Fall Yearling-16G-Fall Yearling-17G-Fall Yearling-18G-Fall Yearling-19G-Fall Yearling-20G-Fall Yearling-21G-Fall Yearling-22

Fall Yearling 


1 Twins Ridge AP Maggie, Mary Rodgers 


2 Coulee Crest JC Penney Luna, Charlie Eichelberger 


3 Henson GD Easter, Kassie Gantos 


4 Aldens HH Reputationi Unforgettable, Clemson University Dairy Science Club 


5 Carolina Gold Latimer Holly, Jody Hamm

Winter Yearling 

 G-Winter YearlingG-Winter Yearling-2G-Winter Yearling-3G-Winter Yearling-4G-Winter Yearling-5G-Winter Yearling-6G-Winter Yearling-7G-Winter Yearling-8G-Winter Yearling-9

Winter Yearling 


1 Springhill DJ Feliz-ETV, Hobbs Lutz 


2 Twins Ridge Lone Star Hattie, Mary Rodgers 


3 NLNH Roslyns Cordell Rose, Nicholas Hammer

Heifer Project Calf 

 G-Project HeiferG-Project Heifer-2

Heifer Project Calf 


1 Dixie-Lee F Darling, Sarah Izeli 




Spring Yearling Heifer 

 G-Spring YearlingG-Spring Yearling-2G-Spring Yearling-3G-Spring Yearling-4G-Spring Yearling-5G-Spring Yearling-6G-Spring Yearling-7G-Spring Yearling-8G-Spring Yearling-9G-Spring Yearling-10G-Spring Yearling-11G-Spring Yearling-12G-Spring Yearling-13G-Spring Yearling-14G-Spring Yearling-15G-Spring Yearling-16G-Spring Yearling-17G-Spring Yearling-18

Spring Yearling Heifer 


1 MM Petite Eve, Hobbs Lutz, Michael Heath, and Kelly Barbee


2 SC Sunny Day Reputation Norda, Hobbs Lutz 


3 Kellys Drone Loren, Charlie Kelly  


4 Still Dream'n JC Penny Glow, Jenna Lucus


5 Kellys Thor-Toni, Charlie Kelly  




Summer Heifer 

 G-Summer YrlngG-Summer Yrlng-2G-Summer Yrlng-3G-Summer Yrlng-4G-Summer Yrlng-5G-Summer Yrlng-6G-Summer Yrlng-7G-Summer Yrlng-8G-Summer Yrlng-9

Summer Heifer Calf 


1 Twin County A Pie Tulip-ET, Reagan Tompkins


2 TN Arrowhead Reputation Addey, Marley Hipsher 


3 McElmurray Golddigger Shirt,




Fall Heifer Calf 

 G-Fall CalfG-Fall Calf-2G-Fall Calf-3G-Fall Calf-4G-Fall Calf-5G-Fall Calf-6G-Fall Calf-7G-Fall Calf-8G-Fall Calf-9

Fall Heifer Calf  


1 Carolina Gold Java P Helen, Jody Hamm


2 Kellys Copper Lillibet, Charlie Kelly


3 Kellys Drone Lil Missy, Charlie Kelly