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Last Weekend We Lost Another One - Sep 19 2017 (Comments: 5)
I've been at this long enough, and involved in the different aspects of dairying as well as the registered business to see the trends changing. While I agree with most of "bottom lines" opinions, the
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: - Sep 18 2017 (Comments: 2)
Apples and oranges.
DAT People's Choice Question of the Week - Sep 11 2017 (Comments: 2)
When it comes down to these two options, it's time to put out the fire and call the dogs. Competition in the market place? The Kansas City gorilla says they have to do things to stay competitive. My
DAT Question of the Week:Cost of Production - Sep 8 2017 (Comments: 3)
$21.82 is ridiculous. I'm guessing that is an average? Craziest number I've seen. But academia and government are guaranteed insurance and and a retirement. No matter how *********** ridiculous their
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: - Aug 31 2017 (Comments: 3)
DAT Question of the Week - Aug 25 2017 (Comments: 8)
There seems to be lots of hand wringing over AI female ownership. This all started decades ago with the MOET herds...but it was certainly accelerated by genomics. Now we have a better tool. The high,
The DAT People's Question of the Week: - Aug 14 2017 (Comments: 5)
Even if they do not return to the farm those kids are learning life lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime. If they do return, even better. Kids just got home from our our state Fair. I woul
The DAT People's Choice Question of the week: - Aug 7 2017 (Comments: 3)
Sort by the numbers. Final choice by the pedigree. Tools are there, just have to use them
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: The Fall Yearling Class - Aug 4 2017 (Comments: 11)
Personally, I wish Guernsey would do it. It encourages your breed to move ahead on a commercial profitability scale. On the flip side, I understand and support the thought that the fall yearling cl
"Charity" Still Making Headlines in Canada - Aug 2 2017 (Comments: 1)
Charity wrote her own legacy story--- doubtful there will be another one like her on the shavings and taking those first place ribbons* and grand champion rosettes and banners..... The neighbours ne
They Are Number 1 - Jul 27 2017 (Comments: 5)