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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Steel and Aluminum Tariffs - May 22 2019 (Comments: 2)
I am currently consuming a 2 pound block of cheese, Costco? that has calcium deposits in it. Tastes just fine, but those calcium deposits indicate that it is old cheese. Until we get our stored inven
Farmers Speak On Genomics at National Holstein Convention - May 13 2019 (Comments: 4)
It was interesting regarding the May Genomic run....that 31,553 females were tested believed to be a new high. With the top being +3038 TPI and the low +524 TPI. It shows people think this is importa
The American Dairy Coalition Applauds President Donald Trump For Lifting Steel and Aluminum Tariffs - May 20 2019 (Comments: 1)
Yes it's now time for the Democrats to do something good for a change! Vote to radify USMCA !
Future Cartons will Track Milk from Farm to Fridge - May 15 2019 (Comments: 1)
We can't track a Guatemala immigration group 50 feet into this country. Yet we can do this? Anyone want to guess what the expiration date is on how frustrated some of us are on watching good money g
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Supply Management - May 17 2019 (Comments: 2)
It's DOA,IMHO. You'd never get legislation through congress that helps a 500 cow dairy. I know that's a small herd today, but not to non dairy folks.
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Best Buy? - May 10 2019 (Comments: 5)
Bought a choice of 3 Iota'o two year olds at the Illinois state Holstein convention from Olbrich farms. Picked Doris, she went excellent by third lactation then finished that lactation with 3x 573
Connie Gritton - Winter Obituary - May 7 2019 (Comments: 1)
I remember Connie and her husband they were wonderful people and will be sorely missed ...RIP Connie.
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Positive Outlook? - May 1 2019 (Comments: 5)
Best case it will take me 2yrs to dig out of the hole created over the past 15 months. Most small operations need $18 mailbox price to make a living and that want get them rich. The loss in equity
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: What price? - Apr 26 2019 (Comments: 4)
Don't think many are wanting 62,000. Just a profit would be nice for a start!
Organic Valley Sees Back-to-Back Years of Financial Loss - Apr 17 2019 (Comments: 3)
In my opinion, what is ailing the organic business is the same thing that brought it out of obscurity. Organic used to be "the" buzz word when it came to what consumers with extra cash thought they n
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Old Bulls - Apr 18 2019 (Comments: 5)
As some of you have already said, what does "old" mean? We don't use the really old bulls as there are so many better bulls out there. We do have three Goldwyn heifers on the place but even that is r