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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Inbreeding - Apr 4 2018 (Comments: 16)
Laugh a little Ron. That was supposed to be funny. The two profession's that are the hardest to get to laugh are dairy farmers and divorce attorneys, and I know alot of both.
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week-Facebook - Apr 20 2018 (Comments: 2)
No I won't stop comnecting with friends. But I will stop making purchases online.
Lester C. Heinzmann Obituary - Apr 15 2018 (Comments: 1)
Lester was one of the stalwarts of Registered Holsteins in Southern Illinois and his legacy has spread throughout the World of Holsteins through his sons and grandsons, and the next generation is jus
DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Buyout - Mar 23 2018 (Comments: 17)
Like most of you I try to rationalize the overproduction we are dealing with in dairy. It occurred to me the other day that our situation is really not all that much different than what our beef and
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Expansion - Apr 12 2018 (Comments: 3)
I have Latino help a For all 3 milking, which allows my wife and I to prioritize family in not harvest time.
Michigan Foremost Plant Speeding Along - Mar 28 2018 (Comments: 3)
It's embarrassing that the Michigan coops haven't done anything about this disaster that has become the Michigan milk market! They're not just bankrupting themselves, but why not take everyone else d
DFA Assures Members They Have a Market - Mar 29 2018 (Comments: 3)
Also interesting would be the number of plants DFA has bought and increased capacity and efficiency at.
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Selecting on Cell Count - Mar 30 2018 (Comments: 19)
John, thanks for the candid, accurate comments. I have always suspected the root of the scc problems with absolutes is they leak. Is that the case with yours? I simply don't believe anyone would b
NMPF Supports Proposal to Revoke Heart Health Claim for Soy - Mar 22 2018 (Comments: 1)
It is nice they come out with these findings that we already knew after the damage has been done to our fluid milk market.
DAT March Madness Bracket Challenge Results - Mar 19 2018 (Comments: 1)
Is that DAVID JONS in first place? He must be smart!!
Rep. Kind Pleads with USDA to Protect Farmers from Trade War - Mar 15 2018 (Comments: 2)
Eu has been hard small farmers all the new regulation.
Carol Mueller Passes - Mar 1 2018 (Comments: 3)
Janet Elaine Thorbahn Obituary - Feb 28 2018 (Comments: 2)