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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Polled Bulls - Jul 6 2020 (Comments: 1)
Yes, We are using several polled bulls. Redeye, Russ PP, Luster, Boby and Drastic. Production wasn't the issue with our polled heifers in the past. Udder cleft was to weak on most of them and led to
Mike Hellenbrand Passes - Jul 3 2020 (Comments: 1)
I had the privilege of working with Mike on WDE committee, he was one the most valuable members of the committee. Mike is kind and considerate, smart and articulate, honest and true to his word, an
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:Consolidation - Jul 3 2020 (Comments: 7)
I have 900 grade jerseys in milk and have some registered Guernseys and registered ayrshrires for 4h projects. I think the Guernsey and Ayrshire asssociations are already working together but still
Ronald J. Schaap Obituary - Jun 29 2020 (Comments: 4)
Ron Schaap, A well respected man in the Dairy Industry. Always looked forward to seeing him at World Dairy Expo and other Dairy Events. Ron we will miss you. Our Sympathy to you Jean, and your fami
On Cows and Markets - Jun 29 2020 (Comments: 1)
you should be a chicken farmer,counting them before there hacthed NEGETIVE PPD WILL TAKE ALL PROFIT FOR NEXT SEVERAL MONTHS by then milk will be back 14-15 dollers
Dairy Agenda Today's Ron Schaap Passes Away - Jun 26 2020 (Comments: 3)
Sorry to hear of his passing.I just knew of him from his classifying days.
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Your 2 Year Olds - Jun 19 2020 (Comments: 9)
The main responsibility of any breed association is the integrity of the herd book. It does not matter what species. I've pulled blood and hair samples for years. Kudos to holstein for making that ha
On Cows and Markets - Jun 24 2020 (Comments: 2)
Des Moines is 3 hours from Wisconsin and 3 hours from minnesota, so they should make the Iowa show end earlier so we can all go to Des Moines then go to Oklahoma from DesMoines. otherwise the OK sho
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:TAG Sales - Jun 25 2020 (Comments: 1)
I have sent Holstein females to consignment sales for decades, at one time consignment sales were more than a sale, they were an event. My opinion is those times are over, times have dictated they ar
Vernon DeWerff Obit - Jun 19 2020 (Comments: 2)
A true gentleman. One of the great promoters of the breed. One of my best cow families came from Ell-Bar. Started helping him at shows 35 years ago. I have the most beautiful coffee table and end tab
National Dairy Shrine to cancel 2020 Awards Banquet - Jun 16 2020 (Comments: 1)
It is sad to hear this news but I understand the Directors decision. I hope that Dairy Shrine can get back on good financial footing and continue to honor professionals in our industry.
On Cows and Markets - Jun 15 2020 (Comments: 1)
Iowa State Fair Canceled - Jun 10 2020 (Comments: 1)
World Dairy Expo 2020 Cancelled - Jun 4 2020 (Comments: 2)
David Sprengeler Obituary - May 11 2020 (Comments: 2)
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