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Eddie Q. Lacey Obituary - Sep 18 2018 (Comments: 1)
How I would like to be a fly on that cloud when Eddie runs into Grubby up there. Those stories will start flowing - fact or fiction? You guess. Life was good to both of them. They are missed.
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:Sale Cattle Purchases - Sep 17 2018 (Comments: 4)
For me the first importance would be their type--how they look. Then I would look at lactation yields and SCC and if older, calving interval. I would prefer to buy cows at tail end of lactation if po
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Best 2 and 3s - Sep 13 2018 (Comments: 6)
Doormans are pretty bulletproof here. Kingboys are right there with them. Might be a little more milk. Maybe.
John (Jack) Albert Miller Passes - Sep 12 2018 (Comments: 1)
The Ayrshire Breed has lost a great man. Always opened his door to visitors, showing you his cows, consigning to sales and a behind the scene person. May God comfort the Miller family during this d
Talks Between Canada and the U.S. Continue - Sep 8 2018 (Comments: 2)
Now the situation becomes clearer. I assume the class 7 price is the production over their quota..that Canadian dairymen get paid..a much lower price. That then goes on the world market. Just another
Canada Holds Firm on Supply Management - Aug 30 2018 (Comments: 6)
Tony... all the dairy farmers in Canada in the early 60's said the same about the proposed quota no.. no. Then a couple of true leaders..finally convinced them it could... work and it
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Buying Semen - Sep 6 2018 (Comments: 7)
Solomon is another bull with some really nice dtrs as well. To bad he died already. I have also seen some nice Diamondback dtrs.
World Dairy Expo to Host First-Ever Showmanship Judges Clinic - Sep 6 2018 (Comments: 1)
Really really smart idea! Hats off to Katie!
William Roy Ahlem, Jr., Obituary - Aug 30 2018 (Comments: 1)
My sympathies to the entire Ahlem family at Hilmar. We were privilaged to visit with Bill and others in the family for over 20 years with the Ohio State dairy judging teams. We were always treated g
Perdue Comments on U.S.-Mexico Trade Agreement - Aug 29 2018 (Comments: 2)
What would happen to the American dairy market if Mexico said we no longer want your products? Started taking more from Argentina. The problem with the American system is it's too reliant on exports.
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Dairy Strength - Aug 31 2018 (Comments: 2)
Maybe the best measurement of strength can be assessed by a cow’s ability to maintain and recover body condition while producing milk, fat, and protein at a high level. Body condition is highly corre
Triple Crown Complete: Anika Goes 97 - Aug 25 2018 (Comments: 1)
Wisconsin Holstein Championship Show - Aug 21 2018 (Comments: 1)
Kentucky State Fair Ayrshire Show - Aug 18 2018 (Comments: 1)
Ohio State Fair 2.0 - Aug 2 2018 (Comments: 1)
Charles H. Voelker Obituary - Jul 23 2018 (Comments: 1)