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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Still an Opportunity? - Mar 1 2021 (Comments: 4)
I think it is still possible for a substantial amount of your income to come from the sale of reg. Live cattle, embryos, bulls and such like. My observation is that those who make it are the breeders
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: A supply management system? - Feb 25 2021 (Comments: 7)
You dont have to worry about a processor wanting to be involved in supply management. That is the last thing they want. That includes the guerrilla in Kansas City. Especially those crooks. Get rid o
Remembering George Miller - Feb 19 2021 (Comments: 4)
Before AI, it was usual to breed every cow in heat to your herd bull. However decades later with all the breeding tools and mating programss it was much different.Except when Elevatiom became popular
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Your Advice? - Feb 20 2021 (Comments: 7)
We have Cat motor on a generator. Wouldn't be without it. '07 It ran for 17 days straight. Best time was when it random starts scared a REALLY annoying salesman, he wet his pants and never came back.
Asia Pacific Region Increasing Vegan Cheese Demand - Feb 16 2021 (Comments: 2)
John...I can answer keep you informed about what you are up against. Maybe it would have been better to handle it as an op-ed piece. But we know the readers at DAT are well-informed, know
Dairy Promotion Directors Elect Board Officers - Feb 10 2021 (Comments: 4)
REALLY!!! “Senator Baldwin becomes Chair of the Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee with a strong record of bipartisan achievement at a critical time for our nation’s dairy producers and their
Norman Hoff Retires as COBA/Select Sires Marketing Director-Southwest - Feb 9 2021 (Comments: 1)
What a great person with a heart of gold, would help anyone at anytime, enjoy your retirement Norman!
Barbwire: Relief for Cows Could Be On The Way - Feb 9 2021 (Comments: 1)
For all our Goldwyn daughters!!! I love them but they can be high maintenance. Zero to one hundred! But seriously this could be helpful for cows in times of stress like calving. I've always felt th
Holstein America Broadcasts February 8 on RFD-TV - Jan 26 2021 (Comments: 2)
Agreed! It's great to see so many diverse HAUSA herds!
On Cows and Markets - Feb 8 2021 (Comments: 1)
Great piece, with plenty of humor sprinkled in!
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Sell or Buy? - Feb 12 2021 (Comments: 2)
We now breed 100% beef semen. Hard to see on a couple of the cows with big records! But with us just being an average herd, we don't have markets for selling heifers or calves. The few Holstein heife
On Cows and Markets - Feb 1 2021 (Comments: 3)