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What are You Thankful for in 2020? - Nov 27 2020 (Comments: 4)
I'm very grateful we had the greatest Pres of All-Time take us thru the Chinese Corona Virus crisis and get 3 companies or more providing the Vaccine..FREE to our citizens. Others would have had comm
DAT Takes First Place - Nov 25 2020 (Comments: 3)
CONGRATULAIONS to all! Also Larry Kleiner would be a good regular commentator on here
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Your Opinion? - Nov 27 2020 (Comments: 2)
I like Adam's idea. Old timer would be great at that, or maybe Larry Kleiner?
Glen Alan Longhorn Obituary - Nov 18 2020 (Comments: 1)
certainly we were all priveledged to know Glen Longhorn. I will miss him and the smile he could bring to anyones face. Much respect to Glen and the life he lived
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Losing Milk Market? - Nov 20 2020 (Comments: 3)
I was dropped by my coop last year in july said my dairy was the worst one they ever even though I had gotten 98 on federal survey the year prior and found out later a lot of other farms were dropped
Glen Longhorn Passes - Nov 14 2020 (Comments: 5)
Have known Glen since I was a little girl & was lucky enough to call him my lifelong friend. I could tell a lot about his life that most of you don't know. He started trimming cattle feet in 1975 & h
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:Selecting for A2? - Nov 5 2020 (Comments: 9)
Pizza restaurants have about 20 choices. I know the original pizza was square pizza take it or leave it. People think they must... have choices. A2 milk ..there was basically no demand for milk in Ch
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Changes? - Nov 13 2020 (Comments: 7)
As citizens we must get involved in all levels of elected local government positions----Township/County/ State. Share you experiences /beliefs/goals for a successful reprentative democracy continuati
Melvin Kron Obituary - Nov 2 2020 (Comments: 2)
Sad news, Melvin was a good friend to the industry and to many breeders in the middle of the country. Condolences to his family.
On Cows and Markets - Nov 2 2020 (Comments: 4)
I think this is an excellent story that might make more 4H calf sales for me. I can take cows to state fair and one or two to Madison and Louisville, that everyone will still believe are the importan
Looking Back With Barrie - Oct 28 2020 (Comments: 3)
Good stuff Barrie-- always enjoy your facbook posts but this is better, looking forward to the next edition
Raymond LeBlanc Passes - Oct 22 2020 (Comments: 1)
On Cows and Markets - Oct 19 2020 (Comments: 1)