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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:Dumping Milk - Apr 8 2020 (Comments: 6)
We have been good at we do best PRODUCE MILK. Lousy at the money end. Processors and grocers dont care if you are failing. Coop boards often worry about having a good time. Hard to stop the vertic
On Cows and Markets - Apr 6 2020 (Comments: 1)
We could see this glut of milk coming last fall already. Deans bankruptcy, AND shutting down both March Madness and Easter has created the "leaving your cans on the milkstand" from 100 years ago. UGL
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:Stop Large Dairies - Mar 29 2020 (Comments: 20)
Lol, Everybody farm and breed cows how you want. Just don't be mad at the the next guy when you get forced out of business
DFA Asks Farms to Dump Milk - Apr 2 2020 (Comments: 1)
A missing piece in this story is whether or not these farms are DFA members or if they are independents shipping to DFA. It makes a big difference on the payment issue.
WI Dairy Producer Sounds Off on Voluntary Cutback Demands - Apr 2 2020 (Comments: 3)
If the price of dairy products in the stores would decrease in price (which it hasn't in 5 year) like the price to dairy farmers we would have a shortage of milk.
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: A Resurgence of Milk Consumption - Apr 2 2020 (Comments: 3)
With the price of Butterfat in the dumps, this would be a good opportunity for bottlers to sell whole milk for LESS than 2% or skim prices. People who buy by price alone would end up drinking a super
Dr. A.E. “Gene” Freeman Obituary - Mar 27 2020 (Comments: 1)
It has been said he was also a great judging phenom. He would often cite his class reasons looking at the crownd not the cows...he knew them that well. His judging teams were known for their loud set
This Isn't My First Rodeo - Mar 24 2020 (Comments: 2)
Thanks, Tony!
Good News of the day! - Mar 20 2020 (Comments: 2)
A young mother I know is doing Home School for the first time because of the current situation, it's now going too well -- 2 students have been kicked out of school for fighting and the teacher go fi
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:Spring Sales On/Off - Mar 21 2020 (Comments: 7)
I agree, Tony, that this 'thing' Is totally out of control. You can pay fitters, truckers, or even your neighbor dairyman. Everybody is getting schrunched. But do NOT pretend that it is not REAL. I
Milan “Bob” Blessing Passes - Mar 18 2020 (Comments: 1)
Wonderful person always enjoyed my visits with him.Prayers to all the family
The Joy of Sharing Your Knowledge - Feb 21 2020 (Comments: 1)
Barbwire: Letter to Mr. Phoenix - Feb 12 2020 (Comments: 4)