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Dean Foods Invests in Plant-Based Beverage Company - Jul 10 2018 (Comments: 1)
I have heard that the main reason the milk processors association has not came out strongly opposing the use of the word "Milk" on non dairy drinks is because of Dean's opposition, so this article te
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Promotion - Jul 13 2018 (Comments: 4)
I have to agree with Tony on this. Complete incompetence everywhere you look! But the story gets even richer when you see what these clowns pay themselves! No other check-off program pays there peopl
Gene McCoy Awarded the 2018 Hoard’s Dairyman Youth Development Award - Jul 5 2018 (Comments: 10)
Gene - remember that we trained you at SIUC before you moved to the big house - congrats to a great "boss" and friend
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Raw Milk - May 25 2018 (Comments: 13)
Hey Bob, show me the study that shows that raw milk has more health benefits!...While you're at it, look for the ones that prove that organic is better for you's all marketing claims and smo
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Milk Testing - Jul 6 2018 (Comments: 14)
Until there is an accurate way to determine component content of milk on farm, there will be a demand for testing. We do much of our preg testing and johnes testing via milk samples as well.
National Holstein Convention Annual Meetings and Happenings - Jul 3 2018 (Comments: 1)
I wish HUSA would use actual Energy corrected milk values instead of ME. The day we get paid on ME milk is the day it's relevant for me. If half your herd is 2 year olds, you can have a 35k ME but
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Maternal Sires - Jun 29 2018 (Comments: 11)
Some have talked about older bulls. This seems to be a more current genetic conversation, but does anyone ever remember a bull by the name of Round Oak Rag Apple Elevation? RORAE made silk from rags!
Bob Sabo recognized as 2018 Genetic Consultant of the Year - Jun 26 2018 (Comments: 1)
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week-Walmart - Jun 22 2018 (Comments: 8)
Jon...your comments are not surprising.. Walmart wants to buy everything from China..eventually and they may even sell that land to China. I have asked them before where a dairy product is produced..
CME Milk Futures Keep Sliding - Jun 21 2018 (Comments: 1)
What did anyone expect? Government hands out money, Chicago and Kansas City take it out of the market.its happened every time we get one of these welfare payments. For years and years it's been like
19th Generation EX Cows - Jun 20 2018 (Comments: 1)
The special thing about this branch of the Audrey Posch family is that the breeders have added to the family, bulls that combine good health traits with good type, Tango, Alta5G and Epic all combine
Dairy Farmers Consider Canada's Model - Jun 13 2018 (Comments: 8)
Sheeknoll Durham Arrow Passes - May 25 2018 (Comments: 7)