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AFBF Breaks Down How Milk is Priced - Jul 16 2019 (Comments: 1)
This idea is long overdue. My guess is that there are few if any dairymen who truly understand the Federal Milk Marketing system. The system does not protect dairymen, it protects the Coops and handl
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Your Favorite - Jul 18 2019 (Comments: 2)
I think this is a fluid question. I hope I haven't bred my favorite cow yet. I've got some. Our first cow nominated AA. Whitehead Sexation Molly in 1983. Whitehead Convincer Nicole, best cow anyone c
Of Cows and Markets - Jul 13 2019 (Comments: 1)
Great stuff-keep it coming!!
Sheri L. Regan-Danhof is the 2019 Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder - Jul 9 2019 (Comments: 3)
Congrats to this gorgeous young lady!
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Summer Heat - Jul 11 2019 (Comments: 2)
I was told this would not work. I have a small tie stall barn, got 2 used central air conditioning units from a friend who owns an AC service. Put them in and it works great!
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: One Bull - Jul 5 2019 (Comments: 19)
This has to be one of the best questions in a while. This has went back over 50 years. I think it's a testimonial to the diversity of this breed. From Bell to Goldwyn. Congratulations guys we have do
Grand National Ayrshire and Brown Swiss Convention Sale Preview - Jul 4 2019 (Comments: 1)
How do you all like the fair ground
Ralph Frahm Obituary - Jul 1 2019 (Comments: 1)
I used to get beet pulb from the Frahms - Ralph was a real nice and good man- They bought the Tanery Hill Guernsey herd in 73- Had Grand At the Royal a couple of times both brother were good cowmen a
Sale Night at the National Holstein Convention - Jun 26 2019 (Comments: 1)
What a great event it was so happy to be party of it!!!!!!
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Cloning - Jun 28 2019 (Comments: 6)
Unfortunately cloning is still around and used a lot by some companies. It used to be illegal to sell semen from clones and milk and beef from cloned cows. Why the change? Cloning was no different fr
Aria Is Newest EX-95 Cow! - Jun 20 2019 (Comments: 2)
Steve and Patrick are two of the best in this business. Tyler is one sharp individual. Congratulations to Graison for making it happen.
Jacobs Windbrook Aimo Passes - Jun 6 2019 (Comments: 1)
Legacy at Wilstar Sale Highlights - May 28 2019 (Comments: 1)