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DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Sexed Semen - Feb 21 2018 (Comments: 11)
Some,i guess. Has anyone tried the additive for conventional semen to get more females born? Does it work?
DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Ag Secretary - Feb 9 2018 (Comments: 11)
By the way.... there already is a quota system going on now... in some areas of the US. Processors are telling dairyman ...we will not accept more milk from you than last year. Supply Management wit
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Surplus Cattle - Feb 16 2018 (Comments: 8)
I'm going to cover several topics. My condolences to the Stewart family. I first met him when I was a snotty little 17 year old boy. He never forgot me and always wanted to know what if I had seen a
DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Dairy Prices - Feb 2 2018 (Comments: 15)
Go to NASS, and read yesterday's cattle report. Its their annual animal totals. Whether you trust their stats, or not, they project 35,000 less heifers entering the milking herd this coming year.[GOO
The DAT People's Question of the Week: Immigration - Jan 26 2018 (Comments: 10)
This is the kind of conversation we need to have with Perdue or home land security. Too bad we have to have nmpf, big feeling politicians and dfa between us and them. It's a big swamp to cross.
Speaker Ryan says Canada is the Real Problem in NAFTA, Not Mexico - Jan 19 2018 (Comments: 2)
The US has been Santa Claus FAR too long..20 $Trillion debt... we still give Billions in Foreign Aid...thankfully stopping in some countries now. Our trade imbalance is $50 Billion annually. Time to
Myron Erdman Passes * * Obituary Added - Jan 18 2018 (Comments: 2)
Inspiration to the breed and a great family. Can't beat that for a legacy. My condolences.
Novel idea....however if we just import more dairy products to increase US supply there is no price improvement. We must control or stop dairy imports....if DFA has a functioning lobby use it for thi
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: What's Your Favorite? - Jan 19 2018 (Comments: 2)
I think the coolest part of being a dairyam is eating 3 meals a day with my great cook wife. She always left the barn before cleanup to start breakfast for the kids and me. Left the barn about 11 to
Mexico Will Leave NAFTA Talks if Trump Triggers Withdraw - Jan 13 2018 (Comments: 2)
NAFTA has primarily helped foreign companies that came here,bought US companies..fired most employees and moved operations to Mexico..while still calling themselves US companies. However GM has long
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: What's the Worst? - Jan 12 2018 (Comments: 13)
Well, TOM, we've been thru these dips before. Granted, kids are always viewed as free labor, [been there, done that], and its handy, even necessary, to survive tuff times. Might I suggest that you pu