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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Milk Markets - Apr 26 2017 (Comments: 7)
It is easy to blame Canada, but anyone who has been paying attention realizes that the policies in place in Canada, first and foremost protect their dairy farmers. Been that way for decades and unli
Jack Gammon Obituary - Apr 21 2017 (Comments: 1)
Russell - so sorry to read of your father's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Maurice E. Cooper Obituary - Apr 23 2017 (Comments: 2)
Sorry to hear about His passing. I got to talking to him at the State Holstein conventions. He and his wife always went on the farm tours together. They were what family farms were about. I went t
Trump Stands Up for U.S. Dairy Farmers - Apr 20 2017 (Comments: 1)
Wow what a statement, let's see if anything changes?
DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Farms? - Apr 19 2017 (Comments: 4)
No doubt past trends will continue, few and bigger dairy farms. All you have to do is look at the evolution of the pork, poultry, feed lot, cash grain and almost every other aspect of production agri
What Types of Treasure will you Discover at the Rob-Cri Dispersal? - Apr 18 2017 (Comments: 1)
I looked at the catalog and had a few thoughts/observations. It is unlikely there will be another sale this spring or possibly ever again with more direct daughters of two of the greatest bulls to
Brancel Rebuts Canada's 'Blame' Comments Over Milk Tussle - Apr 18 2017 (Comments: 1)
I don't know the details but my understanding is that for the most part, US dairies cannot sell milk products to Canada but they have free access to the US market for almost all of the products produ
DAT People's Choice Question of the Week - Apr 13 2017 (Comments: 1)
Marynole Excite Rosey
Just Thinkin' About Registered Holstein Cows - Mar 28 2017 (Comments: 10)
Interesting thought...I'm curious that no one brought up going down the road that Jersey did, ie, figuring out how to like the way the most profitable cows look, and rewarding them, and not necessari
DAT People's Choice Question of the Week - Apr 5 2017 (Comments: 4)
I've three sets of old Brownies. They all run fine. Any body know what they might be worth?
Cleland Advent Alexia-Red is breeds newest EX-95 cow - Mar 31 2017 (Comments: 1)
All the experts sat there and watched Gary Jansen make a great buy at the Missouri National Convention Sale, congratulations to Gary and Golden Oaks!