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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Stature - Nov 22 2017 (Comments: 7)
DAT Question of the Week:Take a Cow Home - Nov 18 2017 (Comments: 18)
If I could take any cow home from the shows this year, I would have to pick Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn-ET. She's a tremendous cow with lots of style and has a beautiful udder. I would do just about anythi
Canada Says 'No Deal' to U.S. Dairy Proposal - Oct 18 2017 (Comments: 8)
Tony you have every right to be negative. Even our great dairy leader Doug Maddox tried his best...but just just shook his head, abut stopping dairy imports. However no one thought President Trump c
Land O'Lakes Tour, Meshke Keynote at American Agri-Women Convention - Nov 14 2017 (Comments: 1)
Whenever I see info on another all women's group, I have to ask myself, what would be said if there were men only groups in the dairy industry or other industries? Participation by women is encourage
The Two Newest EX-95 Cows of the Holstein Breed Hail from Tennessee - Nov 9 2017 (Comments: 2)
Great honor for great cows and great people!!
DAT at NAILE: The Second Day - Nov 4 2017 (Comments: 1)
You should have stopped in at the kybluegrass old folks home. We had cupcakes and cushaw pie😀
National FFA Stars Recognized During Convention in Indy - Oct 28 2017 (Comments: 1)
Nice new categories... important to keep up with the times. I'm sure Kansas City still misses this convention.
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: World Milk Record - Oct 19 2017 (Comments: 11)
That ban was lifted several years ago. At that time milk nor meat was able to be sold from a clone. ManOMan was the only bull that was cloned that the studs pushed much semen on around here. Several
WDE: Around the Grounds Day 2 - Oct 3 2017 (Comments: 5)
WDE is always great, whether attendance varies a bit year will be even better I'm sure.
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: - Sep 29 2017 (Comments: 9)
all of the above
Supreme Court to Take Up Golden Sands Dairy Case - Sep 26 2017 (Comments: 1)
Would they not being the dairy industry more of a service by not adding to the surplus. I think they have enough.