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DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: - Jun 22 2017 (Comments: 1)
"If you're not growing, you're going." I'm old, and I'm already out, but if you stand still, you will get run over. No, we don't need mega dairies, but mom and dad who busted their bottoms to survive
Nutritionist Says 100-Pound Average Milk Can Be Maintained - Jun 17 2017 (Comments: 2)
Tammy-Depends on if you milk cows for a living or as a hobby?
DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: - Jun 16 2017 (Comments: 4)
Farm families have long been a source of grassroots strength in our world. We learn to work together,see first hand life and death ,find strength to go on in the hard times,enjoy the good times and r
Select Sires Inc. and Accelerated Genetics to Join Forces - Jun 13 2017 (Comments: 1)
Probably not a good thing. Look what has happened in the the milk marketing business where many of us have little or no choice where we sell our milk. Competition is a good thing for the marketplace.
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: - Jun 2 2017 (Comments: 6)
Still thinking about this question from a few weeks ago and looked at the results of a recent high profile consignment sale on cowbuyer. Examples: $2400-VG-88 2nd calf cow, made 29,000 @ 2yr, bottom
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: - Jun 9 2017 (Comments: 8)
I think 50/50 is a good average. Could go either way, depends on the animals. Explain the Holstein cow from expo last year. Not even on the radar screen until she walked in the ring... There are lot
Mike Bodenhausen Killed in Accident**Obituary Posted** - Jun 1 2017 (Comments: 5)
My condolences to the family. I have known the family for a lot of years, since back in the Ell-Bar days of helping Vernon. Mike was a class act. He not only respected the cow but also the breed and
Golden Sands Dairy Dispute Could Reach Supreme Court - May 20 2017 (Comments: 2)
I hope they never get this approved. Honestly I really hope all of these big "factory" farms fall flat on their face. They aren't dairy farmers. They are owners of cow family factories. The real dair
Dairy Agenda Today People's Choice Question of the Week: - May 24 2017 (Comments: 1)
South Central IL-most corn replant is done, and 20%? of the beans in the ground
DFA to Stop Marketing Independent Farms’ Milk - May 16 2017 (Comments: 1)
Welcome to the party guys. There is a cover charge. This pays for the executives​ and the board to zip around the country on important business. Build over priced office in Kansas City. Borrow lots
Passing of Doris W. Hetts - May 10 2017 (Comments: 3)
To the family of Doris Hetts, So sorry for your loss. I am glad that I met this lovely lady, a great role model for dairy farmers' wives. She was welcoming to me when I joined the exclusive grou
Sunrose Sale Report - May 13 2017 (Comments: 1)