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DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: What do you want to see from EXPO? - Sep 30 2022 (Comments: 5)
thanks for bringing Expo to the ones that can't be there! i love the barn shots, especially of the mature cows! also- if you could get some trade show pics in that would be great!
A Dream Come True - Sep 30 2022 (Comments: 1)
It was a true honor to present the Sr Champion award to her at the All American . Congratulations to all! She is an amazing Jersey cow.
Foremost Farms to Close Two Dairy Plants - Sep 29 2022 (Comments: 1)
I don't know why foremost has such financial problems they already have the lowest pay price in the upper midwest and yet no other coop has to take .90 a hundred extra plus other cooperatives actuall
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:Look forward to the most? - Sep 23 2022 (Comments: 1)
Without a doubt the Holstein show.
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:What do you want? - Sep 15 2022 (Comments: 4)
Podcasts containing interviews with people in the industry.
Ayrshire, Brown Swiss and Jersey Youth Dairy Classic in Iowa - Sep 11 2022 (Comments: 1)
The 1st place Ayrshire spring calf was Dream-On Seguenay Della Exhibited by Brady Gille
Eric Walter Lang Obituary - Sep 6 2022 (Comments: 5)
Never had the chance to meet Eric but looked forward to reading his article every Monday. He will be missed.
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:What Avenue? - Sep 8 2022 (Comments: 1)
Some of it came from my Monday morning look at "on cows and markets". R.I.P Eric Lang my friend who I had yet to meet.
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:Heifer AND a Cow? - Sep 2 2022 (Comments: 8)
Collincrest Ivanhoe Triune J- she won Sr yearling class and Jr Ch female at NY St Fair and Waterloo in 1963- As a 2 yr old she won NY St Fair and was Grand Ch Female and !st 2 yr old 64 PA ALL Show-
Cattle Semi Collides in Western Canada - Aug 29 2022 (Comments: 2)
Horribly sad stories like this make us realize every day that life is short and how blessed we are. I don't know Steve but he speaks for so many of us on either side of the border and throughout the
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:How many? - Aug 22 2022 (Comments: 1)
26 head, all leased, and all shown by young ladies.
Kentucky State Fair Holstein Show - Aug 21 2022 (Comments: 1)